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The Hungry Stuntgirl

It all started with a blog.

In 2013, I started a blog called "The Hungry Stuntgirl." I was torn between eating amazing food, and dieting (and often times starving myself) to get to a certain weight or size for my career. This lead to some pretty unhealthy habits, eventually revealing my much deeper issues with food and with an underlying eating disorder I had neglected to acknowledge for a long time.

On my path to recovery and wellness, I decided there had to be a way to have my cake and career ready body too. I also knew I was going to need some help, and this help came in the form of connection - and poof! The Hungry Stuntgirl blog was born. I wrote about recipes, restaurants, working out, and the struggles that came a long with it. Public journaling at its finest.

Turns out, I am not the only person out there in the world struggling with finding balance with food and body image. There are a lot of Hungry Stuntgirls out there. I started getting emails, some notes from people I knew, and a lot from those I'd never met. I felt like I was on the path to something good - connecting with people, sharing experiences and making a difference for someone besides myself.

Fast forward seven years. The blog fell by the wayside when I started working more but I have had quite the career in the past seven years. I have done a TON of reading and training and resetting my mind to healthier habits as far as eating and food in general is concerned. I've worked on some amazing movies and television shows, and met some really incredible people. Not only have I fostered amazing relationships with actors, directors and industry professionals, but I've connected with some pretty amazing nutritionist, doctors, and coaches along the way.

I feel like NOW is the perfect time to start sharing again, and keep the cycle of healing through not only my journey and story, but through those around me who have influenced so many.

The Hungry Stuntgirl Podcast will continue on what the original blog had set out to do - to inspire and to connect with likeminded people who love food, but also love the body that consumes it. I have some pretty incredible people lined up to share their own experiences with me, and with you. Get ready for tips from professionals, recipes, stories and of course - a way we can all stay connected.

I know there's a way to stay well - and eat cake, too.

With love and lava cake,

The Hungry Stuntgirl

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