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Life After Quarantine: Scale Scaries

You've heard of Sunday scaries, but who else can relate to scale scaries? I feel like my whole life I have been absolutely terrified to step on the scale. After talking to many friends about this, I have found that it is something that unnerves a lot of people! BUT WHY?

Repeat after me…It’s just a number!

Let’s start by saying the scale is not for everyone! I have gone many years without looking at a scale because it filled me with so much anxiety! If you thrive more on non-scale victories, you do you! However, some of us need the scale to keep ourselves “in check”....and some of us are trying to muster up the courage to step on the scale for the first time in weeks. To be clear, by “some of us” I mean ME. Anyone with me?

Right now, I think the scale scaries are hitting harder than ever for everyone. We have been mourning actual and theoretical losses since March. These voids may have been filled with comfort food, and you may have gained some weight. Trust me, I get it!

I was just whining to my mom and boyfriend about needing to weigh myself for reference, but being too nervous (thank goodness for their patience). The funny thing is, my mom was giving me the same advice I had already jotted down to give to you guys!

If you relate to my situation, here are some tips that work for me, and will hopefully help others. For those of you who are looking to make lifestyle changes, I want to leave you with some advice for when you decide it’s time to see where you are after this quarantine life. Maybe I can start taking my own advice too ;)

  1. A new number is a new beginning. That’s all it is! Don’t get upset about any weight you may have gained…get excited! This is your first step to starting a new journey.

  2. Ask yourself how you feel before stepping on the scale. By that I mean physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Are you feeling comfortable, energetic, and healthy? If your answer is yes, that’s great! Weigh yourself and then you know that is where you felt your best! If your answer is no, maybe you want to make some changes.

  3. Set small goals. If you want to make changes to your weight, whether it is losing or gaining, don’t make your first goal a weight loss/gain of 40 lbs. That will take some time, and will lead to you feeling defeated! Instead, start with smaller goals of 3-5 lbs.

  4. Don’t compare your weight to weight charts. You know the ones. The charts that tell you what you “should” weigh based on age and height. You should weigh whatever works and feels best for you!

  5. Don’t compare your weight to your friend’s weight. Maybe you idolize your friend’s lifestyle. Maybe your friend has an amazingly toned body, and it is what you would dream your body to look like. (Let’s get real, we all have that friend!) Every body composition is different, so the way your weight shows on the scale will be different! Focus on you and your goals, not someone elses!

  6. Muscle weighs more than fat. If you’ve been working out hard core, and you gained weight that is most likely the reason! Celebrate that as a win!

  7. Take measurements. Get a flexible tape measurer from the drug store! It can come in handy sometimes and keep you from getting frustrated! For example, last week I gained 3 lbs. When I measured myself, my measurements stayed the same everywhere except my thighs where I actually lostinches.

  8. Give yourself some wiggle room. That extra 3-5 lbs may just be water weight..don’t freak out! Ask yourself, “What have I eaten the past few days that may have caused me to become bloated?”. Then, just make sure you get back on track to healthy eating and flushing your system with lots of water!

  9. Don’t weigh yourself every day. I try to do this probably once a week. However, if I know I feel bloated and not myself, I’ll put it off until I feel right! If I know I probably have a few extra pounds of water weight why would I torture myself?

  10. Celebrate non-scale victories. Did those jeans pull up a little easier today? Did you have enough energy to get further in a workout than you normally would? Does your skin and hair feel healthier? These are all things that should be celebrated! They are indicators that you are improving your lifestyle habits and becoming healthier.

With love from behind my mask,



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